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Waiting for Date Night Like...Orange is the New Black

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I’ve been planning my first after-quarantine date with my husband for a few weeks now. It will be amazing to enjoy a night just the two of us once it is safe to go out. A kid-less date is very necessary every now and then. I intend to surprise my husband with my dress for this special occasion.

I’ve never been super girly, but I do love fashion (which surprises a lot of people). Watching countless hours of E Entertainment lit a fashion fire in me that is still lit. During this eternal COVID-19 quarantine, I went on a mission: finding my dress for the first night out. It felt like Mission Impossible at first, but the perfect dress was there. Patiently waiting for me to click on 1000 dresses before finding THE ONE.

I went on a mission: finding my dress for the first night out.

Notice that I mentioned the word surprise, because I’ve always gravitated towards the neutral colors like the stars towards each other. This time and after seeing how many celebrities love this color, I’ll give it a try myself. I’m talking about the color orange. I’ll get out of my black, white and brown dress code comfort zone this time. Quarantine has me wanting a wardrobe style change!

After all, you can’t blame me. Celebrities such as Jlo, Reese Whiterspoon and Beyonce have graced the red carpet with orange dresses. Orange is indeed the new black.

Now I don’t sing and I can’t act, but I can rock an orange dress, especially if it’s a bargain.

This dress was #foundonamazon at an an unbelievably low price (Less than $22 when I ordered it. Price may have changed*). My eyes went immediately to the beautiful orange color. It has a perfectly one shoulder sleeveless style that will make any woman feel like a celebrity. I’ll complement this look with gorgeous beige high heels, beige purse and golden jewelry. Keeping it simple!

I used to hate shopping for dresses because it would take me hours and sometimes days. I still hate shopping for dresses, but online shopping has saved me! Oh, let me add that my poor husband also hated shopping with me. If that’s not bad enough, the dresses would sometimes cost a few hundred. Dresses that I normally would wear once (for a special occasion) are just not worth that amount of money.

Fashion is not about wearing the most expensive dress. It’s about making you feel beautiful and confident. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone, but in a good way (like me wearing something that’s not black for the first time in 10 years). This proves once again that pretty dresses for date night shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Until next time!


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