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How dirty are your makeup tools?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Clogged pores, staph and acne are just the few things that your dirty brushes are not telling you...

As a makeup artist I find myself pretty often helping my clients understand how harmful can be for their skin to use dirty makeup brushes or sponges. The reality is that must of them are not aware that makeup tools can be our skin worst nightmare.

I can’t stress enough when I see makeup brushes that are dirty, not because I don’t like to look at dirty stuff but, because I know how bad of an idea is to use them on the face. Before I went to beauty school, I used to do my makeup and of course I didn’t cleaned my brushes. I didn’t know how important for our skin was to keep them bacteria, dirt and old makeup free.

What happens with dirty makeup brushes and your skin

Dirty makeup brushes can be home for many bacteria. Just to mention one that we might all know well is Staph (staphylococcus). To make the picture clear, imagine that you scratch your face but can barely see it, then you go on and apply makeup with your dirty beauty tool. Let's say that beauty tool you just used on your face is home for bacteria. That bacteria just entered your skin through that tiny little cut in your face, or you used it on your eye, and the next day you wake up with pink eye!

Now, luckily with good cleaning habits, we can prevent our skin to get not only bacteria but some other skin issues that I will mention below such as:

Not only bacteria, but your makeup application will not be the best as makeup on the brushes oxidizes and will not allow your “new makeup application” look as good as you want.

How to clean your makeup brushes

There are products to help you clean your makeup brushes on a daily basis. But it's recommended to deep clean your brushes every 2-3 weeks depending on how often you use them. I know! Cleaning brushes can be a bit overwhelming and I think nobody enjoys cleaning them. It’s the least enjoyable job of a makeup artist.

Daily- By use Cleaning Solution

I #foundonamazon this professional makeup brush cleaner that helps kill 99.9% bacteria. I love it because it dries out super fast, which means no drying waiting time for brushes. When I need to use a different color I just clean it and use it after few seconds. This one comes with a cleansing tin for dipping the brushes on the solution. What I like to do is use a small sprayer bottle to spray the brushes when I need to change between different colors.

Deep cleaning your brushes

As I mentioned, it's recommended to deep clean your brushes every 2-3 weeks depending on how often you use them. If you are using them every day you should be deep cleaning them every 2 weeks. There are two ways, the easy way and the tedious but cheaper way. Depending on how many brushes you have and how dirty they are it can take you up to 30 minutes to deep clean them by hand. It doesn’t matter which way we need to clean them no matter what!

This is the easiest way

This TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner is a must if you wish to forget about the mess of cleaning your brushes yourself. It removes oil and dirt in just 2 minutes with his sonic technology. It only holds 6 brushes. But them being clean in 2 minutes, it will definitely cut your time in more than half. With this you can even clean your brushes weekly!

Least Expensive but more time consuming way

Don’t feel discouraged if you have to do it this way. It's as effective as the first method.

For this you will need antibacterial soap ,a deep bowl, a brush cleaner pad, a towel (one you don’t care about much) and lots of patience!

You will start by submerging the brushes on the warmest water your hands can handle, add soap to the water, submerge the brushes in and let them set for about 5 minutes. Grab one by one and start rubbing them on the brush cleaner pad until you see no trace of makeup. You might need to add soap. Rinse the brush until water comes out clear. Let the brush lay flat on a towel until is completely dry. Drying time might take a few hours.

This makeup brush cleaner pad is super good and has suction cups on the back so it stays in place on the sink.

Now that we know how harmful dirty makeup tools can be to our skin, what will you do?

With these two options you can save money by keeping your face free bacteria-free, which saves a visit to your doctor or spending more money on new makeup and brushes. Remember beauty shouldn’t cost a fortune! Let's keep our makeup tools clean!!

Clean brushes, happy me!

See you next time,

Mio <3

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