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Fun toys for toddlers (and moms on a budget)

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Any mom can tell you that having a toddler is a tiring yet beautiful adventure. Nothing quite like the smile of our little ones when they play with their favorite toys.

Now, my boy has a lot of toys. When I say a lot, I really do mean more than I can count. I tried counting the number of times I’ve stumbled upon a toy that I’ve never seen since I had my kid. Surprisingly, he does play with most of them because he has all the time of the world!

I will narrow down the three toys that he loves the most and I feel have benefited him for his development.

#3: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

My husband bought this car as a surprise when LJ was around 5 months. The baby was tiny at the time, so he looked like he was riding in a Monster Truck. LJ was immediately attached to this car. I would get him in his new cool ride while I was sipping on my gallon of coffee and having a well-deserved 10-minute-long breakfast while seated. That was, of course, when he was still not mobile.

It has three levels. The first one is Explore, where the kids get to practice their first words and sounds. Level 2 includes basic questions and simple directions to keep your LO entertained. Level 3 is where they play pretend, which serves as an early role play. My kid is 30 months at the time I wrote this blog post. He does like all three levels. He does not understand the pretend part just yet, but unintentionally he plays with it.

Multiple songs, multiple sounds, multiple ways to have fun. This little stationary car is 100% mommy and baby approved. This is a $50 toy that has survived 2+ years of LJ and multiple kids that visit and go crazy with it. Money well spent!

#2: VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

Come on let’s play. Activity Mode. Come on, let’s play. Music mode…. Ok, please don’t blame me. This is something sometimes I catch myself saying to myself.

This is an interactive activity desk that includes five activity pages to explore that include the alphabet, human body, music jammer, fruit & colors and numbers & counting. LJ enjoys pretending to call a friend on the toy telephone. He also loves the music options and when he finds his favorite one, you’ll listen to it for 15 min at least. LJ's teacher has noticed improvements after he received this interactive desk as a Christmas gift.

# 1: Toddler Coloring Book

LJ wakes up. LJ has breakfast. LJ goes straight to his coloring book and so do I. Yep, I do play with it because somehow, someway, LJ demands company when playing with the coloring book. He is not that interested in the coloring part though. He is more interested in me reading to him so he can look at me while articulating and making sounds so he can learn how to pronounce the numbers and shapes. First, we read the book, then we read it for the second time, the third time… By now you understand that this takes a long time, and right when I am about to make some magic (meaning: making the book disappear) he laughs hysterically and we cuddle… and we start reading all over again.

If you had no idea what toys to get for your toddler that are both fun and educational, here are three great options that are mommy and baby certified. Happy playing and learning. These toys remind me that fun, learning experiences with your little ones shouldn't cost a fortune.

See you soon!


Ensure that these and any toys you select for your children are age-appropriate. Always read the product labeling for more instructions. Make sure toys are used safely. Some toys may contain small parts that may represent a choking hazard. Always supervise and be involved in your child's play.

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