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Expired makeup, now what?

What happens when your makeup is expired and how to know if you need to toss it away.

It’s always exciting to get new makeup, or at least for me it is. What’s not exciting is when makeup becomes bad or the expiring date is coming closer. When I say expiring date I don’t mean that your makeup has a date of expiration like perishable food. It means once you open your makeup from its packaging it will have a certain time/date on which pretty much you will have tose your makeup away.

When the makeup is expired it might become dry, crusty, oils will separate, sometimes the color will not look the same or will not be as vibrant or efficient as when brand new. Using expired makeup might give your skin some problems as it can harbor bacteria. Every makeup is different, that's why is important to identify the longevity of the product, usually this information can be found in the back of the products and for lipsticks can be found sometimes in their package.

Notice the little white dots? this is a toss me away situation.


Sometimes is very easy to know when the foundation is expired as oils separates and is visible. This might not only change the color as oxidation happens but it can also harbor bacteria because preservatives used on the ingredients might not be effective anymore.

Eyeshadows or powders

Because eyeshadows are being applied to your eyes its best to keep an eye on them before deciding to use them a bit longer than the expiration date. Eyeshadows and powders usually become harder and will probably have trace of oils if you aren’t cleaning your makeup brushes often. This will cause them to not be as vibrant and efficient as we might like. If you have to literally scratch the top layer of your powders or eyeshadows because the color isn’t adhering to the brush its time to say bye bye to them. Don’t worry we have all been there!


Expired lipsticks become dry and hard. I like to wipe off with a clean paper towel my lipsticks after I use them. It gives me peace of mind that I’m wiping off the bacteria out which in reality I know I’m not. This is one of the reasons I do toss them away after expiration date without hesitation.


Oh boy, I can’t stress enough with this one! I really wish we all understood how important is to toss the mascara at least 3 months of opening. This product has a lot of moist and are very prone to grow bacteria on it. So many things can happen if by any chance that so loved product has growth bacteria. The best way to be conscious about it is to remember we just have one set of eyes!

Always take a look at your makeup before applying it, if it looks or smells weird it's best to not use it. Taking care of our skin is not only applying moisturizer and spf every day, it's making sure that whatever we use is in great condition. To keep my makeup in good condition and bacteria free I like to use a makeup sanitizer spray. It works wonderfully and it doesn’t change the make up quality.

Hope this information helps!

See ya next time!

Mio <3

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