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Competition costs for the Ronnie Coleman Classic 2020

Updated: Jan 5

November 14 was a great day! My sister celebrated her birthday and I competed in the Ronnie Coleman Classic. I competed in Open Bikini and Masters (35+) categories. Came in 5th in both categories. The feedback was that my legs were too big for bikini! This doesn't surprise me as I'm quite quad-dominant and my lower body overpowers by upper body. I'm excited because I will be transitioning to the wellness division. This will come with a different game plan and strategy, but that's a topic for another blog post.

Competing costs

Competing is expensive! It's a wonderful sport but if you are not financially ready, you will be surprised by how much it can cost to step on stage.

If you haven't read my previous blog post about my first show, then I suggest you take a look at it so you can have an idea of how much I paid for shoes, jewelry and DIY tan. I won't include these costs here since I purchased these for my first show.

What I didn't do

Because I live only 35 miles away from the venue, I didn't have to pay for a hotel room. Mio did my makeup (of course!). But even if she wasn't available, she taught me well, so I was able to do it myself! Another way to keep your costs to a minimum. I didn't pay for stage shots either. My husband is an amateur photographer (for now) but he took some really good pictures with his pro camera. I literally thought about everything, from parking costs (which were $0 for this show) to snacks, water, etc. I had everything planned so I didn't purchase anything at the venue.

Ronnie Coleman Classic: costs

NPC Card: $135

Open Biniki entry fee: $125

Bikini Masters entry fee: $125

Angel Competition Bikinis suit: $240 (Black Friday special)

Tickets for Mio and my husband: $120 ($60 each)

DIY Nail kit: $32

Posing practice sessions with coach Lucy B: $125 ($25 each)

Total: $930

Almost $1000

Yes, you read that correctly! I coached myself, I didn't have any traveling/hotel costs, I didn't buy any snacks at the venue, Mio did my makeup and it STILL cost me about $1000 to compete. You are probably wondering why I did this. The reason is that I wasn't sure if I really wanted to pursue competing so I didn't want to spend that much money on a one or two-time thing. However, I'm officially obsessed! I want to keep competing! I want to become a PRO. I want to fulfill my dream of being a sponsored athlete and a fitness model, and that comes with hard work but also there are some costs that come with it. I plan on hiring a coach and taking time off to build a body worthy of a national qualification. I already know who my coach will be, so this journey is only getting started for me. Yes, the 36-year-old rookie is ready to take the bodybuilding world by storm!

I hope this inspires you to work for that something that you've always dreamed of. To pursue that dream that people keep telling you that you are too old to accomplish. It takes more than just dreaming. It takes discipline, dedication and a no BS mentality. I'm ready. Are you?

Your future IFFB Wellness Pro


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