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Bikini Prep 2020: Week 1 & 2

The first two weeks of a diet can be either very easy or very difficult. This time I admit that it was a little hard. I haven’t prepped in over a year. During my improvement season, where you are eating your maintenance calories or more, I was still tracking my macros and kept eating relatively clean and had a weekly cheat meal.

Now, I am in a caloric deficit and I already miss some of those calories.


I’m down 5 lbs already! I should enjoy this drop in weight since it won’t happen very often. Soon, my body will be fighting to keep some of the fat on. I started at 153. Already at 148. My goal is to drop 15 more, at least.


Not much of a difference, which is normal for the first few weeks. Based on experience, it takes me about 6 weeks to start seeing significant improvements and changes. I’m happy with the progress though.


I started practicing my posing. I should know better and should be practicing daily. I practiced 3 times this week, for about 10 minutes. The expectation is to come up with a routine that I will eventually discuss with my posing coach, Lucy. She will evaluate my routine and will then decide if we make any changes.

Not much to report, other than that I’m happy I started this journey again!

Time Management

I'm off from school until August 24th. Call me crazy, but I thrive when my schedule is jam-packed and I'm super busy. I manage my time so much more efficiently.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more updates on my progress. Make sure to follow our social platforms.



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