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Bikini Prep 2020: 8 weeks out

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Almost there....

Happy Saturday!

Great news! I have decided to compete in the Ronnie Coleman Classic on November 14. Yes, that’s 8 weeks out from today. This will be a special day for me for multiple reasons.

It’s my sister’s birthday! My “little” sister turns 41 this year. She is special needs yet has an ultra-special heart. Ruthy is my favorite person in the world and I’m determined to win for her. Will I win? I don’t know. I’ll try my best and that will be good enough for her. If you ever see a family with special needs family members, be nice to them! Say hi, open the door for them, get them a cup of coffee. Those little details will make them smile for days, believe me. Special needs people have the same right as the rest of us to live and enjoy life. Make them feel included!

The second reason, but also a good one: it’s Ronnie Coleman’s show. I wanted to be a bodybuilding athlete back when bikini wasn’t even a category and all I could do was just tell my parents to buy bodybuilding magazines for me. I idolized Ronnie Coleman and Vicky Gates, because even when I was a little girl, I could recognize their work ethic and athleticism. Now, I wish Vicky could be there so I could thank her in person! But for sure I know that 8x Mr Olympia, Ronnie Coleman will be there…and I can’t wait to socially-distant meet him.

Cheat Meal

Last night, my husband and I went to a Hibachi restaurant and I had an epic cheat meal. I gained 3 lbs, but we had so much fun. I’ll take care of the weight gain this week. We didn’t take any pictures, didn’t post on social media, because we were there with each other. Not with our phones.

My training

My deload week went well. It’s weird not to lift super heavy but it’s important for recovery. Now that I'm back lifting heavy, I can see why deloads are necessary. I incorporated some crossfit / Olympic weightlifting type of workouts. Check this video out so you can see how much fun it can be.

My diet

My macro split will still be Protein 130gm, Carbs 190gm, Fat 35gm. Water is one-gallon a day (at least). Still lost about what macros are? Here's a helpful video:

Check-In Pictures

Today, my weight was 143. The wine and sushi had an impact but I woke up relaxed and ready to roll. No more cheat meals until the day I step on stage.

HIIT Cardio

I love the battle ropes (but they kick my butt!).

I do 30 seconds of max effort then rest for about 1-1:30 minutes. Max Effort! Leave nothing behind!

Repeat 5 times and you got yourself a nice cardio session in less time than the traditional steady state cardio.



I'm posting a new workout on Facebook and Instagram every Monday. Because #weworkoutonmonday

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Cheers to 8 awesome weeks, both for you and for me!


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