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Bikini Prep 2020

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Hello All

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Christie.

I’m 35 and married. We have the cutest baby boy and baby dog. I’m a pharmacist who works full time for a health insurance. I’m in my last semester of my MBA in Healthcare Management. As you may have guessed, I’m busy. Very busy! But I still competed in the bikini division of the NPC in 2019. Now, I’m officially obsessed with all things fitness modeling. I used to go to the gym, lift heavy, sweat and go home. I was never interested in the “beauty pageant” part of competing. But now, like I said before, I’m obsessed.

I started this blog series about my competition prep to keep myself accountable and share my experience. I’m not a trainer. I’m not a RD. So please, keep in mind that I’ll be sharing my method, what works for me. Not what you have to do or the “right” way to prep. Please, don’t take any of this as advice. This is just me sharing my experience.

Other than keeping myself accountable and sharing this with whoever wants to read the blog, my main goal is to help others understand that you can compete without breaking your bank account (All About That Budget, duh!?).

I remember once, I was scrolling down on FB and saw an ad about a fitness trainer. She offered a free questionnaire where she basically said that you needed about $5000 to compete. I said: well, so much for the dream of ever stepping on stage. I’m not planning on spending that amount of money anytime soon. So, this blog series will help you get an idea about the costs of competing but coming from someone that is conscious about her budget.

I’ll be as detailed as possible with the cost of competing and more, if you guys want!

So where do I start:

My Transformation in 2019

Pictures (the part I hate the most):

Starting Weight: 153 lbs

Goal: 130 lbs (Ouch, that seems like a lot). The judges don’t really care about your weight, but I know my body. At 138 lbs, I wasn’t lean enough for my first competition in May 2019.

Bodyfat %:

Not sure. My Fitbit scale says 32%, but this may not be accurate.


I’ll be tracking my macros using an app called Lose It. I do flexible dieting, which basically states that you can eat most of the foods you enjoy if you can fit them in your daily caloric goal and macronutrient goals (Protein, Carbs and Fat). This doesn’t mean that I’ll pizza every day just because “it fits my macros”. I’m planning on doing an aggressive approach for the next 3 months. I’ll start with 1800 calories. 140 Protein, 200 gm of Carbs and 50 Grams of Fat. I’ll eat about 80% whole foods and 20% processed foods (protein powder, protein bars). One gallon of water every day.


Ok, I like cardio! And I like to mix HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with LISS (Low Intensity Steady State). So 3x per week I‘ll be sprinting. The rest of the days, I’ll be doing steady-state cardio, for a total amount of 1000 calories per week. I don’t count the minutes when I do cardio. I go more with a calorie goal using my smartwatch (an old Fit Bit Blaze). An oldie but a goodie! Again, most people just count the minutes of cardio they do. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer having a weekly calorie goal.


I’ll be training 5x per week, initially. Training split will be shoulders, hamstring and glutes, upper body and legs. HIIT 3x per week. SS cardio for 1000 calories per week until I plateau.


Coffee, pre-workout and creatine. Not a big fan of spending a lot of money on supplements. I know that you aren’t surprised by that last statement.


I’ll be coaching myself. I did it the first time. It was tough to be objective when you are hungry, but I liked the idea of having control over my prep. I’m not a personal trainer or a coach, but I have been implementing flexible dieting and macro counting for years. I don’t recommend “coaching yourself” unless you have a very good understanding of this.

Posing coach:

My good friend Lucy Baron. @lucybfitness on the gram! I call her: The Magician. She can do magic with her posing. Go follow her. You’ll learn so much from her.

Hair and Makeup:

Mio will do my makeup and hair. No one else is allowed to do that! If necessary, I’ll be doing my own HMU. Mio taught me well! I’m not her but if needed, I can do a great job. If you are interested in competing and are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, DM @Miolooks.

Competition Suit:

The only brand I trust is Angel Competition Bikinis. I looked everywhere and didn’t really fall in love with any competition suit. That was until I saw their IG account. They have affordable suits that are super high quality. I'll be revealing my suit color in a later blog post.


The DIY kit from Pro Tan. Fast, easy, and time and money saver. I’ll give you more details about that in later blog posts.

I'll post every two weeks, as a minimum. Make sure to subscribe to our blog!

Also, we would love it if you'd follow us on FB, IG and Pinterest! I’m happy to share this journey with y’all.


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