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6 Weeks out baby!

Happy Saturday friends!

The clock is ticking. Soon I’ll be stepping on stage for the Ronnie Coleman Classic on November 14.

Check-In Pictures

Hit a new low weight for this prep at 139. Hooray! The lowest I weighted for my first competition was 138. So being just a pound heavier at 6 weeks out is a good sign. I’m aiming for 130. So it’s 9 lbs in 6 weeks, which is hard work. Diet and cardio must be on point!

Diet / Training

My macro split will be Protein 130gm, Carbs 150gm, Fat 35gm. Water is one-gallon a day, that will stay the same until the week before showday (which we call peak week). Cardio will be 3000 calories per week.


I’ll be sharing some of my posing routines tomorrow in our stories. Coach Lucy will work extra hard to make sure my routine is on point so I can showcase all the hard work my body has been through. Give my girl some love by following her: @lucybfitness on Insta.

Amazon finds

Here’s a great #Amazonfind. I’ve been very motivated to workout when my workout gear is cute. This is a yoga short pant that is a lifesaver. The high waisted waistband with tummy control keeps everything on point for that sexy hourglass shape, giving you a streamlined look.

Leg Workout

Goblet Squat (4 sets of 15 reps) Lunges (4 sets of 15 each side) RDL (4 sets of 15 reps) Wall Balls (aim for 50 reps in the least amount of time, while keeping good form).



I'm posting a new workout on Facebook and Instagram every Monday. Because #weworkoutonmonday

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See ya soon for more updates about my road to the Ronnie Coleman Classic


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